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Innovation is the eternal theme of an enterprise. Without innovation, there can be no transcendence. In a sense, innovation is the cultural core of all excellent enterprises. Sony's founder, Inoue Shenda, was in the ruins of the post-World War II era, considering not what business to develop, but the founding principles of Sony, that is, technology-oriented, continuous innovation, then known as Sony's "pioneer" spirit, which is undoubtedly the foundation of Sony's business.


The key to innovation is to construct a set of rules and mechanisms, and culture is the soul of such rules and mechanisms. Even within the same industry, the mechanism of innovation varies greatly, and culture is the decisive factor of this mechanism. Huawei and ZTE, for example, are excellent companies with very different cultures. Both companies focus on innovation, because in the communications manufacturing industry, there is no way to survive without innovation. Huawei advocates a goal-oriented and performance-oriented "wolf" culture, which is very vigorous; ZTE advocates a stable and people-oriented "cow" culture, which has also achieved great success. The differences between these two cultures are closely related to the personality of the founders and their assumptions of human nature. As long as they achieve the ultimate goal, they can lead the rapid and stable development of enterprises.

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