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Advantages of puffed food

Release time:
2019/01/10 14:57
High nutrient preservation rate and digestibility
        The protein-rich plant material is extruded by high temperature for a short period of time, the protein is completely denatured, and the tissue structure becomes porous, which is beneficial to the contact with human digestive enzymes, thereby improving the utilization rate and digestibility of the protein; Rebirth phenomenon. In the process of preservation of cereals, reincarnation is a problem often encountered. Due to reincarnation, the taste of the product becomes rough and the digestibility is greatly reduced.
Give the product better nutritional value and functional properties
        When using extrusion technology to process foods based on cereals, additives such as amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, food colorings, and flavoring materials can be uniformly distributed in the extrudate and irreversibly combined with the extrudate. The purpose of fortified food can be achieved. Since the extrusion is operated instantaneously at a high temperature, the loss of nutrients is small.
Easy to eat, a wide variety
        In the raw materials such as grains, beans, potatoes or vegetables, different excipients are added, and then extruded and extruded to produce a variety of nutritious puffed foods; since the puffed food has become cooked food, most of them are Ready-to-eat foods (which can be eaten when opened and packaged) are easy to eat and save time. They are a kind of convenient food with great development prospects.
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