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What is puffed food?

Release time:
2019/01/10 14:59
The concept of puffed food: When it comes to puffed food, people will immediately think of snow cakes, potato chips, shrimp strips, chicken strips and other foods. It would be difficult to let everyone define the puffed food. The domestic nutrition community believes that puffed foods, also known as extruded foods, blasting foods, light foods, etc., have become rookies in snack foods. Specifically, the puffed food is made from grains, beans, potatoes, vegetables, etc., and processed by puffing equipment to produce a variety of foods with exquisite appearance, nutrient-rich, crispy and delicious food.
        Puffed foods according to the production process can be divided into three categories. First, the puffed food produced by using corn and potato as raw materials; the second is to produce tissue-like protein foods by using vegetable protein as raw material; the third is to use cereals, beans or potatoes as raw materials, and then puffed. Become a staple food. According to the function of food can be divided into the following categories: staple food, biscuits, bread, taro, pancakes, etc.; oil tea, mainly puffed noodles; military food, including compressed biscuits; pastry, peach cake, stove, eight , crispy cakes, moon cakes, printed cakes, egg rolls, etc.; small foods, mainly including rice candy and cold cake; cold food, ice cream, popsicle filling materials.
        According to the process data of the puffed food, the puffing technology can completely gelatinize the starch (the so-called alpha refers to the raw starch in the food, that is, the beta starch turns into the alpha starch), and the already formed alpha starch cannot be restored after being placed. Beta starch, so the food maintains softness, good flavor and high digestibility. This is another feature of the expansion technology superior to other physical processing methods. It opens up a new processing field for coarse grain fine work. Thus, it presents the following advantages:
        The nutrient loss is small and easy to digest and absorb: the expansion technology not only changes the shape of the grain, but also changes the internal molecular structure, and the vitamin of the grain is less damaged (for example, the content of vitamin B1 and B6 is significantly higher than that of the cooked food); The puffing technology makes the starch fully mature, and the puffed food is mostly porous, which is convenient for human body to absorb (for example, the protein digestibility after rice cooking is 75.3%, and after puffing can be increased to 83.8%).
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